• 01. Horizontal
    02. Dead Flowers
    03. Ack Ack Ack Ack
    04. Strip Club
    05. Black Hole
    06. Go Away Girl
    07. Hologram
    08. Sensible Virgins
    09. Surfin' With The Shah
    10. Sex
    11. You're Gonna Miss Me
    12. Last Days Of Man On Earth
    13. California's Falling Into The Ocean
    14. You Piss Me Off
    15. Mystery Date/U
    16. Why Are We Sleeping?
    17. I'm White And Middle Class
    18. She's A Drone
    19. I'm Like You
    20. Male Masturbation
    21. I'm A Bug
    22. Jetsons Theme


    Pin The Needles

    [engl] "Pin The Needles" is the first official live Urinals LP, released a mere 40 years after being recorded in 1979. The band was invited to play in Santa Barbara, a bucolic college beach community a couple hours north of Los Angeles. As you'll hear, the few people in the audience were treated to a set of Urinals classics and a few songs that would populate their debut LP released in 1983 - just after the band broke up (and had changed their name to 100 Flowers to break out of the cookie cutter hardcore scene they felt trapped in.) 22 tracks that transport you back to the late 70s; highlights include a slow workout of "Sensible Virgin", a hyper-manic "Surfin' With The Shah," and an early reveal of the now-classic "California's Falling Into The Ocean. This record is The Urinal's first ever release outside of the USA. It is housed in an information-packed gatefold sleeve.
    Punk - Punkrock
    16,00 EUR
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