• 01. Uptown, Downtown
    02. She Knows It
    03. Old School Love
    04. A Chance I Have To Take
    05. Coming Home
    06. DEH181917206 - Bounce Back To Me
    07. Can't Hide
    08. Smooth Cruising
    09. This Moment

    JAY W. McGEE

    Smooth Cruising

    In 2015 US soul, boogie and disco legend Jay W. McGee teamed up with Hamburg producer, multi-talented musician and DJ Julian "Mzuzu" Romeike to record McGee's comeback album "Good Feeling". Even though both artists are from two totally different generations, they got on so well with each other after the official re-release of Jay W. McGee's classic 12inch "Turn Me On" on Légère Recordings two years before that they started to write and record together. After all, it was Julian "Mzuzu" Romeike himself who made Jay W. McGee return to the music business after nearly 15 years of silence. The creative process did not stop with "Good Feeling": "We now have a brilliant combination of fresh songs. Many different accurate beats and of course Jay’s incredible writing and singing skills," says Romeike. "I feel that it’s a great combination of dedication, skills and talent which made this album possible. I work on some grooves and hooks for Jay, he picks the ones he likes and returns a proper song with vocals and arrangement. My production team, The Unbelievable Two, then work on the final mix." "Smooth Crusing" hints towards McGee's classic late seventies sought after sounds like "When We Party" with the first "Uptown, Downtown". The album also includes some reggae touches and smooth soul excursions.
    Soul / Funk / Jazz
    17,00 EUR
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