Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon. That's always been the difference between us ... (Rorschach)

Vielleicht ist genau das, was Rorschach gegenüber Daniel äußert, das was mich als Label umtreibt. Aus einem ähnlichen Gedanken heraus ist dann auch vor Jahren Sounds of Subterrania entstanden.
Für all die mich nicht kennen, möchte ich mich zuerst kurz vorstellen. Mein Name ist Gregor und ich betreibe in Hamburg (m)ein Plattenlabel namens Sounds of Subterrania. Das Label existiert seid 1998 und ich arbeite und arbeitete mit Bands wie The Dirtbombs, Melt-Banana, King Kahn, BBQ, Sewergrooves, Chris Wollard von Hot Water Music, Kamikaze Queens, The Monsters, Frankie Stubbs von Leatherface, Gyogun Rend's, El Guapo Stuntteam und vielen mehr. Wichtiger Bestandteil des Labels ist die Herstellung besonderer Special Editions, aus Holz, Metal, Plastik, Beton und sämtlichen möglichen und unmöglichen Materialien die mir zur Verfügung stehen.
Bei Fragen schreibt mich an und ich versuche schnellstmöglich Euch eine Antwort zu schreiben.

Und jetzt viel Spass beim Stöbern wünscht

Neuheiten Punk - deutschsprachig

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    What the Fiiisch!?

    Der Schrott in „Hot Schrott“ ist guter Schrott; Ist die Sorte Schrott, die mit ein paar gekonnten Handgriffen und der richtigen Idee, zu dem wird was es nicht von der Stange gibt. Dafür jetzt abe
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    "Spiegel" klingt anders und irgendwie auch neu und ist doch klar erkennbar KALTFRONT. Der treibende Post-Punk- Sound des 2017er Albums "wenn es dunkel wird" wurde ausgebaut und weiterentwickelt: verst
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    [engl] WUT cruise with an hc style that is either slow or moderate but emits incredibily quick thrash breaks to increase power and interest. Politically lyrics combine in these moments of instrumental anger.

Neuheiten Punk - Hardcore / SXE

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    [engl] Game returns after their 2019 full-length No One Wins with the Legerdemain EP. Piercing the listener with nonstop aural carnage, the EP would be an apt soundtrack to the armageddon. Part Venom, part D
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    Aggravated Mopery

    [engl] “Man, talk about deja vu all over again: I just saw Outburst last week and it was amazing to witness people go apeshit for them, some literally not born yet when I caught them last in 1989. This vib
  • cover

    Chain Whip

    14 Lashes

    [engl] "Right-wing governments. Riots following sickening, racist police brutality. The general feeling that these are end times and the human race we know it is hurtling towards a doom of its own foolish ma
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    This Segregation Will End

    [engl] “Lion City Hardcore. "This Segregation will end" a 9-song 12" EP created by FUSE from Singapore is 100% hardcore concentrate. I don't need to mention similar sounding bands, influences or FFO ty
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    Scorched Earth

    [engl] Scorched Earth marks the long awaited debut LP from the UK’s ultimate misfit squad, Vile Spirit. After well loved demo and promo tapes, Scorched Earth marks a major step up in terms of musical lands

Neuheiten Garage / Powerpop / Beat - Powerpop

Neuheiten Wave - Noiserock

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    [engl] Porto Geese is an alternative rock band with elements from noise rock, alternative indie, death- and industrial rock and you can also hear the occasional glimpse of post-punk and shoegaze driven by ca

Neuheiten Organic Grooves - Jazz / Fusion

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    Live at Blow Out 2020

    [engl] Recorded live at the Blow Out Festival at Victoria / Nasjonal Jazzscene in Oslo, August 21st 2020, by Sindre Bergsvik Øvstegård. A brilliant live performance at one of Norway's finest venues, pe

Neuheiten Avantgarde / Improvisation - Electronic

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    People Pleaser Pt. II

    [engl] Nantais by adoption, the Australian Will Guthrie is a discreet star of the international scene of free, experimental and improvised music; over the past fifteen years, he has developed an open and pe
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    [engl] Member of the rhythm section of La Colonie de Vacances, Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy — the singularly sharp drummer of Pneu, Papaye or Binidu, and sound sculptor in Tachycardie (a shamanic project of poly
  • cover



    [engl] A respected innovator on the Rio de Janeiro music scene since the mid 90s, Gomes is best known for his work on the trio of critically-acclaimed albums Caetano Veloso released in the late 00s: Cê (200

Neuheiten Punk - Punkrock

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    Weird World

    [engl] from los angeles, california, the weirdos formed in 1976. they are one of the most iconic american bands of punk's first wave. influenced by the ramones, new york dolls and iggy pop's stooges,
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    Hardcore 81

    [engl] this hardcore punk classic is 40 years old !  in 1981, vancouver based d.o.a. released a monumental album who would change the punk rock scene for ever. hardcore 81 is a key stone, considered to be
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    IDIOT SIEGE of those lives

    Idiot Siege aus Leipzig spielen straighten Midtempo-Punkrock. Nach dem Demo bei Jean-Claude Madame Records folgt nun „...One of those lives“ als Vinyl-Album. Die Songs werden Anfang November in al
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    Some Things Never Change

    [engl] "one of the very first bands of the first wave of american punk rock, along with the screamers, the avengers, the weirdos… this record compiles all studio songs, the first demo as well as their thre
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    First Songs

    [engl] Legendary Swiss punk band from the late 70s. 30th anniversary reissue. 2xLP in a gatefold sleeve. Black vinyl version. "You can't dispute Liliput's status as pioneers of feminist art-punk. Al
  • cover

    Chain Whip

    Two Step To Hell

    [engl] 6 tracks of Vancouver, BC hardcore. Chain Whip formed in 2018 with the sole intention of playing their favorite blend of hardcore punk. Part KBD, part California beach, part grimy Vancouver. This 12"

Neuheiten Wave - Retrowave

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    warrior of love

    Es war 1984, als die Brüder K. Earnest, Rusty Meyer & Harper Owen Jackson aus Brettingen, Colorado die Schule abbrachen und sich entschieden, auf die lange Reise der ewig währenden Liebe zu gehen. D
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    [engl] This new album by Kalax is a synthwaver's dream come true! Beautiful, crisp dreamwave sounds together with amazing vocal talents and stunning retrowave vibes make this one of the top releases of 2

Neuheiten Rock - Psychedelic / Krautrock

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    Do You Fall ?

    [engl] WEEED is an American biocosmic rock n roll band from Portland, Oregon, formed in 2009. The band consists of Gabriel Seaver (guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards), Mitchy Fosnaugh (guitar, vocals, flute), J

Neuheiten Punk - Garagepunk

Neuheiten Organic Grooves - Blues

Neuheiten Punk - D-Beat / Crust / Grind

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    Life is Nasti

    [engl] Since we last heard from Washington's favorite punker party wreckers, they've have undergone a personnel change and quietly released a couple of limited cassettes but, most importantly, they h
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    [engl] Completely fucking mental raw D-Beat played by some of Berlin's noisiest humans. Following up their pulverizing 2019 EP, URIN have turned up the mania, tweaked it out even further and afforded abs
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    Helvetti Tampereella

    [engl] November 2018 the three bands on the road together in Finland, a total of 39 songs were recorded at the gig in tampere, ingenious soundboard quality, which still doesn't have to do without the rou
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    [engl] 8 songs by AGATHOCLES feat. Joe from ARCHAGATHUS! Listen to this very special collaboration and hear Agathocles in ways you've never heard before. EMBALMING THEATER with 11 new and exclusive attac
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    Infected - The Complete Discography 1989 - 1995

    [engl] Almost 30 years after their first demo and several split releases, here is the ultimate Embittered discography, the double LP contains the "And you ask why? Demo, the "2 nd Demo", the material from th
  • cover


    Cro Memory Grin

    [engl] When Sydney's Oily Boys dropped their long awaited debut LP on Cool Death over the summer we were caught unawares, and quickly fell in love with it. Static Shock is now very pleased to be releasin

Neuheiten Organic Grooves - Afrobeat

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    My Ancestors

    [engl] It could be argued that this is one of the greatest rock n’ roll records of all time! Straight from Zambia, we have My Ancestors, a tough rock and roll masterpiece like no other. Overdriven fuzz gui

Neuheiten Roots & Hybrid - South America

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    [engl] HEAVY COLOMBIAN CUMBIA FRONTED BY A SIX YEAR OLD SINGER. We are proud to release this LP compilation of the great AURITA CASTILLO, the young queen of Cumbia from the legendary Chambacú neighborhood
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    [engl] Sávila is a medicinal plant that grows wild in tropical climates all over the world as well as the name of cumbia/latin/world/r&b inspired music and visual art project by guitarist Fabiola Reyna, voc

Neuheiten Wave - Postpunk

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    [engl] A love affair between Australia and Spain - one for the real rockers out there. Those lovers truly can't cease to amaze. Highly enjoyable one-of-a-kind sounding stuff from these masterminds. Deme
  • cover


    Tendres Tenebres

    [engl] Once again, at the crossroads of our wanderings there is a dark, bottomless well. From this the true horrors of the world arises over and over. It is also the source of our fantasies, either dreams or
  • cover


    Spasmes du hasard - 20+1 years of SDZ records

    [engl] I could tell you about the beginnings, about this email from Keith from the late Scratch record store that allowed, very concretely, to launch everything. But I really don't know where to start to
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    In Cool Blood

    Das dritte, 2012 erschienene Album von Chain & The Gang besitzt einen attraktiven Joker: Katie Alice Greer – die charismatische Sängerin der Priests übernimmt in allen Songs die zweite Stimme. Und
  • cover



    [engl] The flourishing Eastern European post-punk scene has given way to a boom of dark, rhythmic, and powerful new activity. One of the most original and captivating artists to recently emerge from this sce
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    Spllit Sides

    [engl] Somewhere out there, a new sound known as Next Level Music exists. The hot and humid Amite River basin of Baton Rouge, Louisiana is the unlikely, albeit natural inflection point for such a sound - cr

Neuheiten Punk - Electropunk

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    Emotional Plague

    [engl] A punk project involving analogue synths, a guitar, a bass, pedals, vocals, a drum-machine, nagging, gossip and drama- telling brought to you by 3 mortals trying to survive in a world of snake-eating

Neuheiten Indie - Indierock / Alternative

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    Music Is Dead

    [engl] Nolan Potter is putting us home recording freaks to shame. We had a year of global pandemic to lay out our grand ideas and the sum total of most artists “quar-riffs” wouldn’t push the constraint

Neuheiten Indie - Singer-/Songwriter

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    [engl] Leopardo started as a solo project with debut album "Di Caprio" in 2018. It then became a band, with musicians from Fribourg and Tessin's underground music scene (Switzerland). Together they relea

Neuheiten Roots & Hybrid - Turkish/Middle Eastern

Neuheiten Rock - Metal

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    Grotesque Miscreation

    [engl] Coming from the underlands of scorched minds and poisonous everything, FACELESS BURIAL have arrived to ruin you with 34 minutes of blast-surging, malformed death metal mayhem. Hyper-menacing. Grinding

Neuheiten Roots & Hybrid - Africa

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    Tanganyika Na Uhuru

    [engl] Formed in the mid-1950s, Kiko Kids Jazz created a stunningly unique sound amidst an explosion of Tanzanian guitar bands in the years leading up to the country’s independence. Defined by Salim Zahor
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    Wallahi Le Zein!

    [engl] Originally released as a double CD in 2010, Wallahi Le Zein! has persisted as a cult classic, a collection of a rarely heard and utterly unique underground music scene, raw and unfiltered. The LP,


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    Auf El Mariachi- Konzerten sind in der 1. Reihe („hab ich noch nie gesehn bei Punkkonzerten“) Leute mit Get Up Kids Shirts neben einem entschlossenen Slime-Shirt. Ende 2018 sah ich sie, nach ihre
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    You're Class, I'm Trash

    [engl] It's all over town. In 2021 it's time again for a new The Monsters (official) album and thus also for a new Sounds of Subterrania Special Edition. It's time to rewrite the history of the
  • cover


    Die Welt hat dich nicht lieb

    Manche Dinge brauchen halt etwas länger. Manchmal 15 Jahre oder so. Keiner weiß mehr genau wann das 2. Norden Album aufgenommen wurde. Wichtig ist nur, dass es nun endlich auf Vinyl verfügbar ist u
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    What the Fiiisch!?

    Der Schrott in „Hot Schrott“ ist guter Schrott; Ist die Sorte Schrott, die mit ein paar gekonnten Handgriffen und der richtigen Idee, zu dem wird was es nicht von der Stange gibt. Dafür jetzt abe