• 01. Bitter Man
    02. Blacktop Highway


    Bitter Man

    [engl] This is a fine 7” from L.A.’s own SPEEDBUGGY. After an album release on one of the Bad Religion dude’s “Porterhouse Records”, an album and a mini album on “Cargo Records” and a sold-out 10” on “Man’s Ruin”, we’re proud to present Speedbuggy’s debut 7”. The time is now, so how long do you wanna wait? This is great Country-Punk-Rock’n’Roll, catchy Country-Rawk with a slight “middle-finger-in-the-air-attitude!” … or whatever you wanna call it. “Bitter Man”’s gonna kick any Hillbilly’s ass and “Blacktop Highway” is something for ya shaky lil lady. I would say it’s the right tune for the perfect combination of an ice-cold beer and a damn-hot chick. Just tasty! A soon-to-be-classic! This band is featuring the x-guitarist from NOFX, by the way. And this Lonestar release will have a extra-cool vintage-style artwork on a rough paper to make it a real Original. I can’t say more then I bet you’re gonna love this one

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    Back in 1942

    Auf 500 Stück limitierte 7'' einer neuen Band um Loverboy (Sons Of Cyrus Sänger) und Hellacopters Drummer Roban. Wie man erwarten durfte gibt es zwei Mal schnellen, souligen Punk'n'R
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    Since the beginning

    [engl] The Flaming Sideburn’s first proof of life in 2005. And what a great one! Our favourite rock’n’roll band presents the best track of their actual album “Sky Pilots” “Since the Beginning”
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    Let me take so far

    [engl] After releasing more than a dozen of recordings Lonestar Recs is happy to release the new single with one of their most favourite bands on earth: the Flaming Sideburns, one of the most explosive live-
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    White days

    Mehr Indie als Powerpop hat dieser 5er aus Schweden gehört, der einigen von euch mit seinem Opener ''Pigs & their Farms'' bekannt sein dürfte. Flog er doch durch britische Chartsgefi
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    Kiss my Grass

    [engl] In reality, there's a split personality involved in this man's music: there's Blowfly, the outrageously garbed creator of trash classics such as "Shittin' on the Dock of the Bay" and "


    [engl] The Gospel Swingers from Austin, TX release their debut album, following a killer 7" on In The Red Records. They are sort of a garage soul rock supergroup: Former members of Blacktop, Ronnie Dawson??s
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