• 01. Pop'oi!
    02. Mon sang
    03. 80' story
    04. Survet skins
    05. Radio charia
    06. Ride your donkey
    07. Paris
    08. The time is now!


    A day will come

    [engl] Twenty years after the release of Survet skins' only album, and following the discontinuation of Euthanasie records, the reissue of the record on UVPR Vinyles. The perfect follow-up to 8°6 Crew's oi!

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    Sur les trottoirs

    [engl] A year after their single, the Nantais Collision are doing it again with a 10-track album full of nuances. Always a base of punk hits and oi! melodic to sing along but also a lot of darker musical exp
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    8°6 CREW

    Bad Bad Reggae

    [engl] "Bad Bad Reggae" LP: The official reissue from the first classic album, with a great layout. On the LP the ska/ reggae songs only, including « Vieille France » that was skipped from the original LP.
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    [engl] The Cran album: punk, melodies, big choirs, dark and deep lyrics. Lots of good songs, nice evolution.
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    Si le ciel vient à tomber

    [engl] The complete Lion's Law French-language collection, with two excellent new tracks and a previously unreleased version of their classic "Lafayette", recorded for the occasion. A truly coherent albu
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    Tripes d'acier

    [engl] After their demo, released in vinyl, the first real record of Parisians. A breath of fresh air in the Parisian oi scene! a rich band and varied in its influences, to look for as much as Criminal Dam
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    8°6 CREW

    Old reggae friends

    [engl] The second album of 2010. Halfway, both for the lyrics and the music, between Bad Bad Reggae and Working Class Reggae, the reissue on LP only of this long out of print album, allows you to rediscover
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