• 01. Drag Me Down
    02. Friendly Distance
    03. For A Friend
    04. Finkle is Einhorn
    05. Backtalk
    06. Burning Letters
    07. 1000 Thoughts
    08. Me & Jack
    09. Back to Normal
    10. True Patriot Love
    11. The Truce
    12. Nine!
    13. Day Job


    Goodbye Nightlife

    [engl] Yesterday’s Ring is a country-folk band from Montreal founded in 2000 in Memphis, Tennessee, by singer Hugo Mudie, guitarist Fred Jacques and guitarist Louis Valiquette. Yesterday’s Ring was born from road adventures while the musicians were on tour in the United States with their punk band, The Sainte Catherines.
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    LP orange

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    El rancho

    Yesterdays Ring waren ursprünglich als Akustik-Projekt der drei Sainte Catherines-Sänger aus Montreal gedacht, hat sich aber inzwischen zur eigenständigen Band und nun auch zur Band mit eigenem (de

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    Lost Avenue


    [engl] Lost Avenue are a three piece indie punk band from Derry Northern Ireland, a powerhouse of an outfit, with distinctive vocals, throwing out memorable firebrand songs that are laced with great melodies
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    United Snakes

    United Snakes

    [engl] United Snakes wrapped up recording their debut EP, inspired by and performed with love at Little Eden studios with Pete Steinkopf of Bouncing Souls. The EP is a limited edition of 100 white vinyl and
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    D L Burdon

    The wind and the runaway

    [engl] UK born US based singer - songwriter, D L Burdon, is a veteran of the punk and indie scene of his native land and a well-seasoned travelling and studio musician. Having spent time occupying various ro
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    Complete Discography

    [engl] You know as a musician if you ever supported Wat Tyler you really should consider giving up. Luckily for you Jesse ignored that non-existent rule and despite a European Tour together, they ploughed ah
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    Screaming At Traffic

    I Dont Like Sports

    [engl] Screaming at Traffic, a punk rock band from Winnipeg, Mb, are made up of Jacques Richer, Duncan Murta, Paul Colman, and Stefan St. Godard. Their no frills emo-punk riffing add to the group's frenz
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    Cherry Knowle

    [engl] Leatherface’s first classic album “Cherry Knowle” has been remastered for a beautiful reissue, also with our friends at Sounds of Subterannia (EU), Waterslide (Japan) and Rad Girlfriend Records
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