• 01. Rock Fever
    02. Daddy! Whatcha Doin'To My Sister?!
    03. Tall Girls
    04. My Sugar Pops
    05. Leave Your Mother
    06. Our Time Is Coming
    07. Flames Across The Sky
    08. Who's A Punk (Your Mother!)
    09. Rokker's Lament
    10. Pigeon-Hole Wankers



    [engl] Welcome to one of Punk Rocks most peculiar and best hidden secrets: ROKKER! Their oddball 1980 Album on Owl Records with 10 enthusiastic raunchy lo-fi cuts is one of the definitive Punk Rock mystery albums out there sold for absurd prices. The songs of the album have been traded on DIY cassette compilations for ages but very rarely you met someone who had the actual record. The relentless teenage symphonies on the platter deal about being a ROKKER having to put up with all the wankers out there, tall sugar girls and Punk Rock themes like anger in classroom, being disconnected or having the Rock fever. The records alltime outright Überhit – Who's a Punk? Your Mother! is the bizzare portrayal of the American middle class “happy family” in the 70's. Listening to these hymns no one would ever think that ROKKER actually had two “careers” up their sleeves in parallel: A Country'n'Blues band in the bright light of day and a fierce Punk Rock band by night. This double burden took its toll somewhen in the early 80's and ROKKER passed over into the happy hunting grounds. A fate shared with so many great bands of the 70's and 80's.
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