• 01. Nazkauta Nitxiok
    02. Antitodo
    03. Sentenciado
    04. Bihotz Gorrak
    05. Ansiedad
    06. Incontrolable
    07. Saco De Arena
    08. Mundua Neria Dek
    09. Polizi Zikina
    10. Herri Hau
    11. Querido Punk



    [engl] FLASH’S debut album is an unassuming hi-energy primitive punk breath of fresh air. Hailing from all over the Gipuzkoan coast their debut LP is far from being the members first rodeo, with too many bands and activities to bore you with. FLASH comes at you as a fully formed band who know what they want and know how to get it. Sonically FLASH takes equally from their local legends LA PERRERA, fuckwave visionary MOPO MOGO, the pop-edge hardcore of ZERO BOYS, and the weird punk to come out of the Midwest in the last few years to create a truly magic record without a second of filler. With lyrics sung in both Spanish and their basque fishing hometown slang their attitude comes across loud and clear. Monotony, authority, armies of has-beens, and conformist punks get a pounding, while self-doubt, anxiety, and an ode to our dear punk also get a lyric share. All-in-all eleven tracks of radical, critical, wild and humble timeless punk rock which will leave you wanting more with each play.

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