• 01. Dans la nuit
    02. Héros de la oi!
    03. Ton choix
    04. Soldat perdu
    05. Plus rien
    06. Shlag Station
    07. A genoux
    08. Souvenirs
    09. La soupe aux choubs
    10. Neuski
    11. Crépuscule


    Dans la nuit, version augmentée

    [engl] Maraboots have been one of the main label's band and a reference for the new Paris oi! scene that have never been as strong as today. Their 3 first records were unavailable for a long time. They are now on this LP all together and remasterised.

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    OI! L'Album Vol. II

    [engl] Ten years after "Oi! l'album" LP, the new and very active French oi! scene is represented on this second volume of the compilation.14 French and French speaking bands. 14 unreleased songs, recorde
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    Studio Et Demos Volume 1 (1984-83)

    [engl] Finally the best titles recorded in addition to the 45T by one of the pioneer groups of the oi! French! Rare titles, unreleased tracks, different versions, before and after the legendary 45 rpm.
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    [engl] Does French oi! have a typical sound, an unique attitude? Today it is difficult to say when you see so many different bands in this scene. But everybody would agree: Bromure have the french oi! sound
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    8°6 CREW

    Old reggae friends

    [engl] The second album of 2010. Halfway, both for the lyrics and the music, between Bad Bad Reggae and Working Class Reggae, the reissue on LP only of this long out of print album, allows you to rediscover
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    Paris On Oi!

    [engl] End of 2019, while the scene Oi! in Paris is in full swing, and has never, in this already well-stocked decade, experienced so many groups, the epidemics of COVID are hitting and putting a brake on th
  • cover


    We Won't Give In

    [engl] New band from Lyon. A mix oi! / punk and Bovver glam. Imagine the Clichés trying to play like Slade... or the other way around? This mini album features their K7 demo, excellent but kept confidential
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