• 01. Tonight The Sky Will Be Ours
    02. When You Were My Baby
    03. It Was Different (When We Were Children)
    04. John
    05. Fell In Love
    06. It's Cold Outside
    07. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
    08. Confusing City
    09. In America
    10. Who's Got The Jam?
    11. What Can They Do?
    12. Grave Of Truth
    13. Hiroshi's Theme/I Can't Find My Woman
    14. The Dragon
    15. Mrs James Jones
    16. ABCD
    17. Hair Air Du (electric)
    18. Don't Mess About With Me


    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

    [engl] Sweden's The Vertex were, along with The Moderns, one of the country's first mod-revival bands. Smalltown teens with big time dreams, they spat out mod/punk/pop stompers in the early 80's, before gradually digging themselves deeper into the psychedelic sounds of the 60's and then closing business in 1987. But their legacy and legend has grown ever since. With singles like "Tonight The Sky Will Be Ours" and "John", the band regularly appears on compilations and today their releases are highly sought after collectibles all around the globe. These heroes of the Swedish mod-revival scene stand tall with one foot in the punk energy and the other in Syd Barrett/ Kinks playfullness. Includes tons of unreleased goodies straight from the band´s treasure trove.
    EAN 7331915024076

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