• 01. Undreams
    02. Shame and blame
    03. Go
    04. Silence Violence
    05. Hibernate
    06. Smile
    07. Falling
    08. Lost Girl
    09. The defrost
    10. Make a scene



    [engl] In Germany, there is a word called Gram, which is not so common anymore and describes a persistent, gnawing sorrow. In my quest to put into words the music of "Undreams," the second album from the Stockholm-based three-piece band, this word kept coming to mind. Fascinatingly frozen by the fragile beauty in which the songs are written, the minimalist, unfiltered rawness captivates me and yet always reflects the sound of this brokenness on one's own being like a mirror. "Undreams" comes seven years after the debut album "Cradle of Snake". These seven years have done the band more than good. The dark sound of their songs has nothing in common with the adolescent melancholy of some contemporaries. It is not egocentric or even narcissistic, but and forgive me this word, because it is equally uncommon in this context, caring. He wraps you gently like your favorite blanket on a gray autumn day, gives you soft, flickering light on a nightly walk, he comforts quietly, knowing full well that danger is not banished by a hum, he says the world is not a good place, but we have it in our hands, as long as we stick together, to change that. It may sound presumptuous, but "Undreams" showcases all the skills Mia, Tess and Frankie have acquired over the years in their bands and solo projects. It is an album drawn by life experience, dark, but also powerful, thunderous, energetic. "Undreams" is an album of three women who face life in all its facets. It was recorded, like the previous one, by Stefan Brändström at The Dustward Studio in Stockholm. Snake wanted to get as close as possible to the atmosphere of the rehearsal room and make the album a reflection of what the band heard and felt during rehearsals. "With the power of 'Me Too' in our hearts, we've been working through the album process since the wave in 2017. We think it's a darker album, but also with a glimmer of hope. We've found that we can be strong together, share difficult experiences and use them to make ourselves heard. We address teenage angst, the fear of getting older, love, grief, and the struggle to put the shame and guilt where it belongs."

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