• 01. Intro
    02. Den Vita Döden
    03. Insurrektion
    04. Världens Vackraste Brott
    05. Krossa Honom
    06. Dagens I Lands Problem
    07. Ett Folk Har Rest Sig
    08. Arbetets Döttrar
    09. Därför Regnar Bomber I Huvudet Pa Små Barn
    10. När Bedövningen Släpper
    11. Drakar



    [engl] New full length from Protestera which gives us a new approach to society and its boundaries. Taking up where Rock n riot left off; raging speed and anger, as fast and aggressive and powerful a-punk could get. 11 songs in total (3 are re-recorded) that show that this band manages to invent themselves over and over again from release to release. The thoughtful lyrix and thoughts are printed in a 36-pages booklet with lots of graphics. The title really says it all; 01.05.1886. The date itself is when the Haymarker massacre took place where five anarchists where sentenced to death for throwing a bomb into a crowd of people. All of them where innocent. Although this was a long time ago, 140 years to be exact, the situation is basicly the same today. If you have an opinion about society that´s not really applied in today´s society, you still will be sentenced for your thoughts.

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