• 01. The Observer
    02. Embrace The Darkness


    Observe The Darkness

    [engl] The follow up to 2018's debut album ""First Demons"" with two long crushing and roaring old school psychedelic metal-CRUST anthems from outta space. A heavy weight AMEBIX meets HELLHAMMER with KILLING JOKE in company and those comparisons are for real and not just some soulless marketing stunt. AKRASIA rule a crossover reality painted with the colors of decadence, cosmic horror, post-apocalyptic and sci-fi pantheons as well as a strong anti-religious and anti-authoritarian life approach.

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    First Demons - Birth Of The Void

    [engl] The debut recording of AKRASIA now finally on vinyl. A cataclysmic and massive crust-monster from Planet Oslo, Norway, that sounds like it's made out of bits and pieces of AMEBIX and VENOM with HA

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    All Quiet On The Western Front

    [engl] "Almost four years have passed since the AUTONOMADS recent full length album ""One Day All This Will be Gone…"". Now, in 2018, the band from Manchester team up again with four new tracks of anarcho-
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    Trash Your Future

    [engl] It's not an easy job to review your own releases without falling too much into a hysteria (!) about how amazing it is. Well... this is one of a real hard one since I think it´s absolutely amazing
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    [engl] "This is the sixth studio album of the long going scottish anarchist punk band ""OI POLLOI"" (ancient slang for ""The Common People"") - 15 new songs recorded in 2014 with an retrospective of the many
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    Human Misery

    [engl] "The fourth studio album of Newcastle upon Tyne's crust punk institution by the name HELLKRUSHER. The band formed in 1989 by members of ""Hellbastard"" and ""Energetic Krusher"" and soon became an
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    Still Chained (Discography)

    [engl] "The entire discography of this shortlived but influential early nineties anarcho punk band from Glasgow, Scotland. This is fast-paced and shredding anarcho punk with little excursions into the crus
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    Fallen Lassen

    [engl] A young and new punk band formed by some dedicated activists from the Bremen area! Their first 8 recorded songs impressed us, both music wise and lyric wise, so much that we decided to help them out w
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