• 01. Tempos Fracos
    02. Rombo
    03. Estrada de Ossos
    04. Alma sem Remissão
    05. Negativo
    06. Ritmo Pavoroso
    07. Pausa do Resto
    08. Corpo no Trilho



    [engl] Sorry State is proud to present the debut 8-song EP from Brazil’s Lasso. These eight short, fast songs fit with the long tradition of raw and urgent hardcore punk bands from Lasso’s part of the world, but there’s more than just aggro here. Lasso’s secret weapon is the subtle death rock sensibility that cuts through their songs, manifesting in the dynamic and memorable songcraft and in the dark, melodic guitar leads that occasionally pierce the mix. Carlos Casotti’s cover art beautifully captures the tension in Lasso’s music, balancing intensity and elegance in a way that’s immediately striking, but rich in depth and detail. Like other classic bands who blended hardcore and death rock—Rudimentary Peni, Part 1, False Confession—Lasso’s music is like an eerie and intense nightmare that stays with you long after you wake up. Limited to 350 copies.

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