• 01. Intro
    02. Los Machos Celebran
    03. Bajo El Régimen
    04. Público Mixto
    05. Sentir
    06. Demolición
    07. Ni Una Garantía



    [engl] We stumbled on this demo floating around the internet and loved it so much we just had to make some copies and if we have any sway on you then we would love for you to hear LUZ DE GAS. They rule! Kerry Cardoza had this to say about the tape when it was first released back in January 2021: "It’s been almost a full year since I’ve had the pleasure of sweating it out in a grimy DIY venue, which might be why I warmed to this no-frills EP so quickly. The recording quality, hollow-sounding drums, and guitar feedback makes me feel like I’m in the room. You can easily imagine the band setting the tone for their set with the instrumental, warm-up-sounding opening track, which blends directly into “Los Machos Celebran.” Vocalist Muriel shrieks at the top of her voice, railing against those who don’t support the emancipation of women. And she doesn’t let up over the rest of the album, making a case for the symbolic destruction of man and calling bullshit on a cold and uncaring society."

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