• 01. Motorhead
    02. Motorbike
    03. Crap Wave
    04. Walking The Dog
    05. I Am Something
    06. Boots of 69
    07. Gebrannte Amore
    08. No Air
    09. Rave This Cave
    10. Centipede Venom
    11. Bored Into My Mind
    12. Fighting The Devil


    V: Live at the Gas Station Fighting The Devil

    [engl] German punk provocateurs Heavy Metal are back with a brand new LP and first for Total Punk. Over the last four years Heavy Metal has put out four absolutely essential albums and we are proud as pudding to have them back on the TOTAL PUNK train. Heavy Metal isn't a heavy metal band, Live at the Gas Station isn't a live album (they refuse to even play live), and opener Motorhead has nothing to do with Lemmy or his mole. Such is the audacious and absurd world of Heavy Metal. Leading off with the reverb blanketed JAMC vibing 'Motorhead.' For a band that embraces putting their filthy lint covered stamp on any and all musical genres the soft dreamy touches of the album opener leaves us asking "Has Heavy Metal cut it's hair?" Before you have time to answer, the boys fill the tank, drop the clutch, and kick into the HUBBLIN BUBBLIN 'Motorbike' and rarely let up for the remainder of the LP. Occasionally wandering into the weird and warbled on tracks like 'No Air', 'I Am Something', and the hypnotic lurch of 'Centipede Venom.' However 'V:Live at the Gas Station Fighting the Devil' spends most of its time daring us to herk, jerk, spazz out, and let loose. Party music for party mutants. 100% TOTAL PUNK

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    [engl] The eagerly, queasily awaited return of HEAVY METAL. Their fourth album in as many years is a double - 26 songs and 65 odd minutes exploring a bunch of different modes but with the full allocation of

    Smash Criticism Smash Optimism Smash Arachnophobia

    Zweite LP
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    The Nietzschean Supermen Of Dustbin Rock


    Total Bullshit

    [engl] Sean : And you thought the world had run out of great band names!! No sir - welcome to the debut album by Heavy Metal. Over the space of 13 tracks the two piece from Berlin make dirty punk, childlike

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    Spiral Unfolds

    [engl] Total Punk is keeping things in Atlanta, following up GG KING's- 'Remain Intact' with PREDATOR's new album 'Spiral Unfolds.' The two bands share members including Ryan Bell who
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    El Abuso

    [engl] New York’s Foster Care is back with a brand new LP for Total Punk, and the first since adding Allison Busch (Awesome Colors, Call Of The Wild) on drums. El Abuso finds Foster Care at their most real
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    [engl] Total Punk is proud to present the debut 7" from Minneapolis supergroup IV (featuring members of Joust, Citric Dummies, Color TV, ). A four song fist pumping face pummel. A band well aware of the po
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    Clown Pain

    [engl] BRANDY features members of PAMPERS and RUNNING and released a killer 12" on MONOFONUS last year. This is their second release and it's just as much a brain bludgeon as their first. Following in t
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    Remain Intact

    [engl] "To call ‘Remain Intact’ the work of an auteur might not be the proper usage of the term, but I can think of nothing else to call a piece of art expressing a singular vision with such perfection.
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    The Gift of Repetition

    [engl] New York's Brandy (Ex-Pampers, Running) are back with their sophomore LP and first on TOTAL PUNK. "The Gift of Repetition" is an eight track study in just that. Loud plodding and rhythmic. It will
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