• 01. Sprit Crusher
    02. Forever is the wind
    03. IHYSM
    04. Your terms
    05. I laugh blood
    06. The calm before the storm
    07. Disacchords
    08. Destination regret
    09. The trashcan ode
    10. Tigers
    11. So right
    12. Lydia
    13. Your pickles taste better than mine
    14. Into the wild
    15. Turning cursive letters into knives
    16. Mt. Ashtray
    17. Vertigos
    18. Fullthrottle
    19. Scentless Apprentice



    [engl] There was a time when there was no way around GLASSES. I think everyone who’ve been involved in the European hardcore scene around the year 2010 was totally blown away by their furious fast Hardcore Punk and their excessive live shows. In the short time of four years they recorded two 12” Records and a split 7” with Comadre, which they shared the tour van not only at one occasion. Formed by (ex-)members of Trainwreck, The F.A, Perth Express and The 244GL they brought together the passion for dark and crushing Hardcore with a good sense of metal infused still driving riffing, heavy drumming and powerful vocals. With vocalists Sam moving to the US it became a bit quiet around the band in the last years. During the months of the pandemic they started being creative again, writing and recording new stuff. Contraszt! Records is excited to the bone to release their complete musical output - now remastered and remixed. “Compedium” is a collection of their work between 2008 and 2020 and appears on heavy double 180gr. 12” vinyl with stunning new artwork by Samantha Muljat.

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    Leute von Perth Express, Trainwreck, the 244 gl. Yeah, so muss es sein, ohne Umschweife kommen die Boys auf den Punkt, knallharte New-School-Hardcore-Death-Rock-Granaten, mir fliegt gleich der Schäde
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    The ills of life

    Mööönsch, auf 33rpm klingt das ja wie Entombed. Läuft aber auf 45rpm. Das neue Album der HC/D-Beat-Posse um Leute von Perth Express, Trainwreck, the 244 gl. macht keine Gefangenen, muss sich in ke

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    Drumcomputer und Synthesizer. Stumpfer Bass, Arbeitslosengeschrei, anspruchslose, aber wirksame Tonfolgen. Mentale Hygiene der Generation Mischgetränk. Vom Bodensatz des Kreativmilieus, zwei Renegade
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    Strafplanet aus Graz / Österreich liefern deftigen female-fronted Hardcore, der gelegentlich schon an der Schwelle zur Powerviolence steht. Durchtränkt von laut quietschenden Feedbackgitarren und vo
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    [engl] Hailing from the coastal town Brest in the far north-western corner of France LITOVSK deliver a fulminant and outstanding debut album. Eleven songs of dark and gloomy Postpunk/Wave. You could say, you
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    Koniec kraju Polska

    Seit ihrem Debüt 2016 haben sich Limp Blitzkrieg aus Warschau als fester Garant für einschlägigen, politisch direkten Hardcore-Punk erwiesen - mit klarer antifaschistischer und feministischer Messa
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    Find A Way

    WEAK TIES sind ein Bielefelder Hardcore-Punk-Grind-Powerhouse aus dem Umfeld des selbstverwalteten & alteingesessenen AJZ. Aktive DIY Punks mit Haltung und einer 2. LP im Gepäck, die in 16 meist kurz
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    The Unconscious Echo

    [engl] Cinder Well is the project of multi-instrumentalist Amelia Baker. In the early twenty-tens when she lived in Santa Cruz, CA, she played in the dark-folk group the Gembrokers and was a member of Blackb
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