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    Volume Four

    [engl] For nearly ten years, songwriter and sound-sculptor Geoffrey Bankowski has been digging secret tunnels through recorded sound with his project, Quietus. Like all the best home-recording artists, Bankowski seizes the limitations of his medium and shapes them into brand-new spaces with a physics and logic all their own. Bankowski's songs are deceptively simple, relying on no more than two or three chords, without bridges or choruses, building tension and momentum from subtle dynamic shifts and bursts of noise that serve as settings for his idiosyncratic narratives and plaintive singing. It passes for rock 'n' roll but comes closer to a sort of ambient-country music, populated by ghostly woodwinds, electronics, and voices that huddle around the bar band at the end of world. Each Quietus record lights the music from a different angle. This fourth untitled volume lets a touch of light in through the shades. A couple of the songs scrape the periphery of pop music, emphasizing vocals (Geoff's, but also Alejandra Foerg's, who lends an eerie touch to "House Finch" redolent of Gene Clark's "Silver Raven"), jauntier rhythms, gorgeous clarinet passages by Steve Goldstein, and Joseph Harms's quarrelsome lead guitar, which, implausibly, recalls both John Morton in the Electric Eels and Robbie Blunt on The Principle of Moments: the secrets in the attic, the return of the repressed. Recommended to listeners of Pink Reason, Leonard Cohen, U.S. Saucer, Cowboy Junkies. -e/n!

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    Perfect Mixer / Matchless Pair

    [engl] The worm never stops turning at MaxE HQ, so as we make another trip thru the solar system on Spacefish Mirth, Ever/Never presents Perfect Mixer/Matchless Pair. Before you ask—Yes, it’s good. Yes,
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    Rough As Guts

    [engl] New York City's The Wilful Boys is hard rock the way it once was -- and should always be -- now and forever, amen. You know The Wilful Boys are old-school from the get-go as you won’t find
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    The Whole Tooth & Nothing But...

    [engl] Cyanide Tooth is the solo noise project of New York's Erick Bradshaw H, and this debut cassette is recorded half live in Indiana, half done in NYC. The electronics that feature throughout the firs
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    Live at Legion Hall

    [engl] Following a successful collaboration released on CD and cassette by New York City’s Ever/Never Records, legendary reeds-master Daniel Carter and the duo known as Maximum Ernst converge once again. R
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    [engl] On their debut 12'' EP for Ever/Never Records, New York City's Ballroom explode out of the gate with a whirlwind fury. Anchored by a tornado of vicious snare drum thwacks and excoriating g
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    Al Fresco

    [engl] Alfresco is the debut album from Spiritual Mafia. The band played a handful of shows a few years ago, but found it near impossible to continue due to members spread across the far reaches of Australia
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