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    Midnight Climax Operation

    [engl] Midnight Climax Operation represents Cyanide Tooth’s continued research into paranoid states of existence and chance methods of sound-sculpting. Side one of Midnight Climax Operation is a patchwork of intriguing and unnerving sonic explorations. Cyanide Tooth utilizes tape manipulation and other lo-tech methods that recall a time before ProTools and infinite plug-in options. “Heartburn” throws all the cards on the table, encompassing sarcastic tape abuse, skipping CDs, old-school guitar noise and breakout hip-hop beats. “Headline/Heartline” takes a day trip to the death factory as torrents of noise coalesce around an urgent narration that plays out as if Biting Tongues was jamming with Throbbing Gristle. “American Cherry Burst” is pure, righteous scree intent on revealing false truths, while “Press The Mesh” comes on like early Coil captured in a late-night basement session. The side concludes with the frenetic beats of “Techno Animus” and the creeping dread of “Shadow Enforcers,” which recalls Ike Yard and Cabaret Voltaire. On side two, Cyanide Tooth hijacks the listener’s brainstem for an LSD-fueled investigation into chance operations. Performed live with no edits, “Operation Midnight Climax” is a feat of turntablism and juxtaposition, yielding a sonic narrative that picks up steam as it hurtles towards the outer regions. WWNWWD? Somewhere, Steve Stapleton is nodding approvingly. With Midnight Climax Operation, Cyanide Tooth delivers a dangerous package -- handle with care. -e/n

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    The Whole Tooth & Nothing But...

    [engl] Cyanide Tooth is the solo noise project of New York's Erick Bradshaw H, and this debut cassette is recorded half live in Indiana, half done in NYC. The electronics that feature throughout the firs

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