• 01. ANTISOCIAL SKILLS - You do not (intro)
    02. ANTISOCIAL SKILLS - I walk alone
    03. ANTISOCIAL SKILLS - Endless opportunities
    04. ANTISOCIAL SKILLS - Free will
    05. ANTISOCIAL SKILLS - 2020
    06. ANTISOCIAL SKILLS - History´s favorite asshole
    07. ANTISOCIAL SKILLS - Would you?
    08. ANTISOCIAL SKILLS - Life goals
    09. ANTISOCIAL SKILLS - I´m not fun
    10. ANTISOCIAL SKILLS - Everything remains the same
    11. RULES - Transient care
    12. RULES - Monologue
    13. RULES - Chasing clocks
    14. RULES - Offside



    [engl] After their last EP "...was it six or five shots?" in summer 2019, RULES from Zagreb now put out 4 more brandnew songs on this split release! They stick with their dirty rocking HC/Punks-sound, though this time the songs are slightly more influenced by stoner and noise-rock. Recorded and mixed on a 4-track recorder by Goran Lautar of NEON LIES and MODERN DELUSION who also helped bands such as DEATH ROW GROUPIES, INDIKATOR B and CELETOIDS to sound amazing on their records. ANTISOCIAL SKILLS from Prague released their first self-titled 7" in 2017. Their sound is more in the vein of 80ies influenced midtempo HC/Punk with somewhat rocking elements. They added 10 songs to this record whose lyrics reflect on the solitude and hopelessness in modern society.
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