• 01. Count To Three
    02. Annie Hall
    03. December Sun
    04. Face The Wall
    05. I'll Show You What For
    06. Last Time
    07. Losing Out
    08. Roll On Rolly Wheel
    09. Velocity Exercise
    10. Tongue Tied
    11. Wrong Time Wrong Place
    12. Mile After Mile


    Tear It Up

    [engl] Razorcake Review: I’m just gonna come out and say it. Louise Hanman from Flamingo 50 is my favorite singer in the whole world. Her adolescent-boyish shout, and thick Liverpool accent spread smoothly over her band’s noisy-guitar, Superchunky power pop to make this perfect little nugget, like Oliver Twist just after he eats a paper cone of French fries with mayonnaise. Seriously though, this album is awesome. It’s a little more polished than their last full length; not sonically, but from a songwriting perspective. The record is awash in layered guitars, Beach Boys-inspired backing vocals, and an incredible warmth that only some magic mixing board wizard knows how to attain. This CD is in ultra-heavy rotation in my player. I sure hope they fucking tour the states. –ben

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