• 01. Jackie Brenston - My Real Gone Rocket
    02. Lonnie The Cat - I Ain't Drunk
    03. Matt Cockrell - Gypsy Blues
    04. Jesse Knight - Nobody Seems To Want Me
    05. The Sly Fox - I'm Tired Of Begging
    06. Willie King - Peg Leg Woman
    07. Johnny Wright - Suffocate
    08. Billy Gayles - Just One More Time
    09. Gardinias - My Baby's Tops
    10. Clayton Love - The Big Question
    11. Kenneth Churchill - Would You Rather
    12. Chuck Bernard - Calling Your Name
    13. Starrs - Ain't Got No Home
    14. Icky Renrut - Ho Ho


    Real Gone Rocket

    [engl] Besides being an excellent boogie pianist and guitarist supremo, Ike Turner shone as a top-notch composer, producer and talent scout. It's a fact that Ike was at the same professional level as some of the biggest names of the day, whom he worked with on a number of occasions. This new 45?s compilation shines light on this little-known aspect of his artistic career as the genius-behind-the-curtains in several recordings by other artists. Included are R&B essentials such as ?My Real Gone Rocket? or ?I Ain?t Drunk? by the legendary Jackie Brenston and Lonnie the Cat, as well as obscure numbers ?never re-issued till now

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