• 01. Lies
    02. Jet Boy Jet Girl
    03. Hounds Of The Night
    04. LSD
    05. You Make Me Spew
    06. Chronic Generation
    07. Mindless Few
    08. You'll Never Change Me
    09. Rock A'Bill
    10. Friends Tell Me Lies
    11. Reality
    12. Living Next Door To Alice
    13. Puppets Of War
    14. Subway Sadist
    15. Outlaw
    16. Behind Closed Doors
    17. Disco Tech


    Chronic Generation

    [engl] Limited reissue of the well respected second wave UK PUNK band, this debut album was originally released in 1982. Clever lyrics, sophisticated melodies, catchy and powerful songs. The reissue features 5 bonus tracks from the band early singles 7": "Puppets Of War", " Subway Sadist", "Outlaw", " Behind Closed Doors" & "Disco Tech".

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