• 01. So Sure
    02. Ritual
    03. Burning Oil
    04. The Wind Blows
    05. And I
    06. 11:15
    07. Waiting Here
    08. Someone New
    09. Black Ju Ju
    10. Woman And Child
    11. Lies (original demo)


    Burning Oil

    [engl] This record is a pure death-rock gem ! It was originally released in 1984 on Red Rhino Records, and is now available again on vinyl, with the original demo song « Lies » as bonus track ! SKELETAL FAMILY formed in 1982 in keighley, UK. After a debut 7’’, the band signed a record deal and entered studio to record 10 tracks for a debut album called «Burning Oil» which remained in the top 10 of the UK charts for several months. Stan Greenwood superb melancholic guitar leads and Anne-Marie Hurst haunted voice made the band become a major Death-Rock / Gothic Rock act. They are very often listed as a big infuence by the new generation of post punk bands. High quality vinyl repress housed in black inner sleeve, thick outer sleeve and including insert sheet with band pictures. First orders get limited smokey orange color vinyl !!
    EAN 3701037701089

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