• 01. Third Eye
    02. Polarized Vision


    Third Eye

    [engl] These wolves in leather clothing keep it close to the skin, grooving in a radically blessed style. Stomping right on out from the Wahyas den in Greensboro, North Carolina, Josh and Lindsey were weaned on old rock n roll and southern-fried enchiladas, having done time in classic bashers like Paint Fumes, Pinche Gringo and Daddy Issues, while finding time to back gooey dudes like Bloodshot Bill and the Tandoori Knights. Right now, these punks are standing up and delivering psychedelic sermons, shaking ya loose with sex jams and homemade sin, careening down the back roads of your brain. On side A you'll find powerful primal beat meditation intent on opening your "Third Eye" b/w "Polarized Vision", a paean to paranoia, peyote and pining for the darkness Get it before you rot!
    7" lim

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    Learning Curve

    [engl] Make-Overs are a unique duo of redheaded musical malcontents who hail from the grey suburban waste- land of Kilnerpark South Africa.?Formed in mid 2010 with Martinique on drums/ vocals and Andreas on
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    This Lake is Pointless

    [engl] „This Lake Is Pointless“ a statement made by Mr. Anton Garber boywonder of the Modern Talking of our time - PUFF , regarding a puddle in the countryside of Bourgogne / France during the beautiful
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    Radiating Fiber Plane

    [engl] JEFF The Brotherhood is an art project started by brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall in 2002 in a basement in Nashville, TN. Their work is influenced by many types of music including jazz, black metal, mo
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    [engl] Kaz Mirblouk is the self-titled solo project of the Los Angeles-native multi-instrumentalist. Despite playing music growing up, Mirblouk didn't begin writing or performing his own songs in a live
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    Anywhere You Run

    [engl] Another gauzy glimpse of psych-pop sunshine rolls in from Doug Tuttle today. The a-side to his latest single from Six Tonnes de Chair, “Anywhere You Run” lopes in on a gentle jangle and a sun-fade
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    Total Commitment

    [engl] The Staches, two girls, two guys from Geneva, Switzerland. Together for ages, almost brothers and sisters, they are bent on mixing garage, female punk from the 80’s and lo-fi pop. Driven by the fire
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