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    engl.: Just imagine: a dynamic rock?n?roll band, combining the most captivating elements of the mid-60?s British Invasion and the late 70?s new wave, occupying a really cool DMZ between the WHO, the HOLLIES, the ROMANTICS and the RAMONES, playing live shows that convince you that you?ve witnessed the most exciting rockin?pop combo on the whole friggin?planet, and making records that fully capture the giddy thrill of those live shows. Now imagine that all started 25 years ago,and you never even heard of the band responsible - until now. The band is the FLASHCUBES - the great lost power-pop group of the 70?s, an act now rightly referred to as ''legendary'' by pundits who know what they?re talking about. And now, the FLASHCUBES are back, with a brand new studio album with the self descriptive title ''Brilliant!''. The band started in 1977 in Syracuse, NY recorded just two singles, including one of thee power-pop classics ''Christi girl'' and sadly broke up in 1980. Through the years their legend grew and by the early 90?s more people had heard of the FLASHCUBES than had ever actually heard them.When RHINO RECORDS included ''Christi girl'' on a power-pop retrospective called ''Come out and play'', the FLASHCUBES decided it was time to live up to their legend. The band released a CD anthology called ''Bright lights'' in 1997 and hit the road again and played in New York City, Boston, Los Angeles and even Japan, where they recorded an amazing live document called ''Raw power-pop - Live in Japan'' which was released later on AIR MAIL RECORDINGS. The album shows the band as energetic and invigorating as they were when they used to share the stage withthe RAMONES, the JAM, the RUNAWAYS, the ROMANTICS and the POLICE. That pointis brought home with ''Brilliant!'', the first real studio album of the FLASHCUBES? long brilliant career. Bursting out 12 new original tunes,''Brilliant!'' makes the case that not only were the FLASHCUBES one of the greatest power-pop groups to make the scene in the late 70?s, they?re still one of the very best around. An opening cover of the EDDIE & THE HOT RODS classics ''Do anything you wanna do'' serves as both a statement of intent and agauntletthrown. Who could resist such a powerful call to arms? Who would wanna resist? Brilliant. Legendary.

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