• 01. Transmission
    02. Unnegotiable Impact
    03. Grim Magnetic
    04. Agonesiac
    05. Harpooned
    06. Chronic Bedlam
    07. Eaten By Crabs
    08. Failed Organum
    09. Pandemath
    10. Arroyo
    11. Orbiting Flesh
    12. Grieving Birth
    13. Judas Chair
    14. Axelrod's Revenge
    15. Sensitive Cop
    16. Melted Cosmos
    17. Aporia
    18. Gorge On Abuse
    19. Reprobated Embryo
    20. Deep Pleasure
    21. Fermented Mess
    22. Dolor


    Grieving Birth

    [engl] Absolutely pulverizing grindcore as lethal as running a marathon in the open desert without any water. There are no tricks, no gimmicks, no pitch shift, no triggers, no psychic surgery, just grind. Do you grind? Because this fucking grinds. Did mention that it grinds. It does. It grinds. A pure record. 800 copies on black vinyl housed in a 24pt jacket with poster and download card included.

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    Punk Life Is Shit

    [engl] By now people know that most of the music coming out of Olympia WA is important in some way, be it artistically or politically. PHYSIQUE manages to hit both points by channeling the classic DISCHARGE
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    The Future Is Wide Open

    [engl] The paranoia and unease of one man is hard to measure physically. WALLS has done this sonically so that the more timid people out there don't have to get their hands quite so dirty. They will stil
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    Pathogen X

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    [engl]  "Astronomicon features driving uptempo beats, ringing choruses, and twin-guitar harmonies that segue into improvised jams invoking the MC5 at their Sun Ra-channeling best, cruise through talkbox-lade
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    [engl]  Five hard-hitting tracks of fast, catchy, to-the-point hardcore punk con letras socialmente conscientes cantadas en espaƱol and a melodic undercurrent in the finest traditions of the East Bay. Quick
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