• 01. Streets Of Doom
    02. Thieves
    03. Hearse Driving Blonde
    04. Microwave Boogie
    05. Twelve Below Zero
    06. Love Jive
    07. Worried Mind
    08. Cutpurse Blues
    09. 1003
    10. Booboo
    11. Nomadic Step
    12. (Bye Bye) Little Uptown Girl


    Tough Luck

    [engl] DANGEREENS are Canadas hot new unadulterated Rock n Roll outfit. With a Montreal signature raw enthusiasm the fieve piece is devoted to 70´s glam rock, paying homage to BOWIE and ' DOLLS, treating rocknroll las they´re from Queens. The doctor says they´re possesed by a francophone junk shop glam Beelzebub. Is it reckless? Is it fun? YEAH! At ALIEN SNATCH! we grew up on cum stained picture sleeve ´73/´74 junkshop glam rock 45s, we love hook-laden music with well crafted vocals. This was our proto-punk party trick and DANGEREENS are bastard sons of our teenage rocknroll fantasies. You’ll feel like you’ve been listening to these songs your whole life. It´s a T.REX /SLADE truck running the MUNGO JERRY / DAVE EDMUNDS streets of doom to the 50´s Rock n Roll paramount. Singer Hugo Chartrand sings & hauls, their AM Radio hit piercing straight to into beating hearts and minds that rock. It´s pulsating Musikladen manifesto! "Tough Luck" juke box compiles twelve songs, all originals, with hell of a sound on vinyl. Hammerin´piano and firing sax & trumpets add up to the rock swagger debut album. Fresher than cream cheese on baking hot german bread! true safe haven for musical misfits!
    EAN 4260119 671034

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