• 01. First Light
    02. French Passport
    03. Respect The Road
    04. Street Without Lunch
    05. Why Blondes Eat
    06. I Don’t Want
    07. Hell’s Little Ransom
    08. Forced Delight / Debris Factory
    09. Jumpstart
    10. Robop
    11. Keep The Letters
    12. Bus
    13. I Walk The Lawn
    14. The Big Horizon
    15. Integers


    Clear Memory

    [engl] Formed in 1978, Bomis Prendin is a collective of experimental "noisicians" from Washington DC, pioneers within the DIY, Industrial, cassette culture and experimental electronics scene. Using cassette recorders, mutated musical toys, electric guitars, bass, rewired circuitry, analog pedal effects & cheap keyboards, they recorded and released in the late 70s a couple of astounding flexi–discs (Test and Phantom Limb) which led to them being included on the infamous Nurse With Wound list. "Clear Memory" was originally released in 1984 only on cassette (50 copies) and it’s an incredible example of DIY mutant psychedelic pop and homemade electronic weirdness which sounds years ahead of its time. Here’s the first ever reissue.

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    Back To The Deep Water (Sharkive: 1981-1987)

    [engl] BASKING SHARKS are one of the unsung heroes of the original minimal / synth-pop / wave era. Formed in 1980 in the North of England, members Adrian Todd, Ged McPhail and Martyn Eames used an array of h
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    [engl] First ever reissue of this impossible to find artefact from the Swiss underground avant–garde scene of Geneva, originally released as a private boxset limited to 150 copies in 1973, only sold at art
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    Slights Still Unspoken (1978–1979)

    [engl] Formed in Sydney in 1976, VOIGT/465 was a truly unique band from the exciting days of the Australian post–punk scene. Heavily influenced by such luminaries as the Velvets, Stooges, Syd Barrett, Pere
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    So Many Ways

    [engl] Expanded to 12" including hot edits / reworks by GARETH GODDARD aka CHERRYSTONES. In 1979, Wayne County & The Electric Chairs – the legendary punk–rock band – recorded their third album, Things
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    Inside your mind

    [engl] Homespun psych–punk–garage–pop from 1985!! Over a decade ago, Steve Krakow aka Plastic Crimewave found a cassette by a mysterious 80s band called In Time at a Chicago thrift shop. When he ret
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    [engl] Continuing with our reissue campaign of the Toby Robinson’s Pyramid label catalogue, now it’s the time for Temple. Probably the most "rock" sounding of all the Pyramyd titles, Temple were an ad–
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