• 01. Abracadabra Holmes
    02. Hawtlixx
    03. Glendale P.D. Hates Daggermouth
    04. Too Late, No Friends
    05. This Is Chase Brennerman
    06. Hey Nelson Go Jump On The Garbage
    07. Frisky Business
    08. Dan Don Get Off Your Fucking Phone
    09. You Can't Soar Like An Eagle, When You Hang Out With
    10. Turkeys
    11. Fact: Mike Peecher Rollerblades
    12. You Do This As A Fad We Do This As A Lifestyle


    Turf Wars

    [engl] A punk rock-fuelled blast of sub two minute songs that leaves you pumped with adrenalin and wanting more. Daggermouth write catchy songs at breakneck speed – certainly a very good thing indeed.
    EAN 5060462850945

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    United Snakes

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