• 01. They Call Me "Thrillhouse" (Feat. Bleed American)
    02. YBF
    03. Pantomime
    04. I Don't Like Sports
    05. Bitter
    06. Broken Teeth
    07. Monstrosity (Feat. Alex Guidry)
    08. Hey Koyuki
    09. Weekend Cartoons (Feat. Jenna Priestner - Mobina Galore)
    10. Naproxen
    11. People Pay Good Money for Secrets

    Screaming At Traffic

    I Dont Like Sports

    [engl] Screaming at Traffic, a punk rock band from Winnipeg, Mb, are made up of Jacques Richer, Duncan Murta, Paul Colman, and Stefan St. Godard. Their no frills emo-punk riffing add to the group's frenzied live performance and raw yet melodic songwriting. After forming in May of 2017, Screaming at Traffic premiered their debut EP "S.A.T." via, a Polish based zine. The song "Monstrosity" off the group's debut EP was featured in a Spotify playlist curated by the Montreal based website Punkanormal Activity. The EP also began charting on Earshot in October, reaching number 2 in Edmonton, and ranked 9th on the national loud charts. The band, who have gigged gig relentlessly since their debut have become notorious for their energetic live shows. They were quickly asked to share the stage with acts such as Greg Rekus, Mobina Galore, The Penske File, Prince Daddy & The Hyena, and Single Mothers. Upon returning from tour, Screaming at Traffic teamed up with Jordan Voth (Comeback Kid, Bleed American, Elder Abuse) to record and produce their debut full length. While recording the band caught the attention of Little Rocket Records (Leatherface, Daggermouth, Elder Abuse, etc.) and I Don’t Like Sports is the winning result.

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