• 01. Power To Liberate
    02. Dopamine Machinery
    03. Beyond The Mind
    04. Nihilist Dictator
    05. Nervous Systems
    06. The Psychic Hologram
    07. Free The Body
    08. Twisted Power
    09. Machines From Trauma
    10. Perfect Body Pt. II
    11. Simulate Prison


    The Psychic Hologram

    [engl]  The mutilated guitar buzz, hissing vocal fury, Cyberdyne Systems drum processors and brooding atmospheric tekno are a powerful commixture brought to light through the channel of industrial noise punk so we can all start to free the body from the mind. 'The Psychic Hologram' is a mirror, a magnifying glass, a surgical kit and guidebook for self-liberation. Its freedom from flesh. Freedom from violence. Freedom from expectation. Freedom from "them". Us for us by us. 500 copies of 150gr vinyl housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with 11x22 double sided poster and download card included. Art by Sainte-X. Sound by Capt. Tripps. Mastering by John Golden.

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    [engl] These are questions CYBERPLASM asks of it’s listener on their newest release, “Autogenesis”. A record showcasing the techno/terrortronic backbone of the band in its full on pulsing etherial mach

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    The Fall Down

    [engl] Originally released in an edition of 5 or 6 copies on CD-R to give to friends, these 5 songs started a two decade reign of grinding powerviolence rule over Texas and the world at large that is in part
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    Defect Play

    [engl] Their self titled debut, which consists of four caustic dekompositions, is a bleak and industrial thing filled of layered percussion, wild power electronics, masked vocals and hostile guitars. It star
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    Roses Forever

    [engl] Brain damaged skate thrash at it's lo-finest all the way from the eastern wilds of Halifax, NS. So raw that even the freshest catch calls it cannibal fodder. 14 filthy filthies come blasting at yo
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    Vain Attempt

    [engl] Hyper-urgent and super pissed US style hardcore played by members of SCUMRAID and BLOODKROW BUTCHER with a cleaner than expected delivery given the pedigree. Tight, passionate and driven music that go
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    Whole Lotta Shakin

    [engl] In the early days of punk amidst the gritty pop riffing and cocaine blasted glam holdovers of CBGB, Max’s Kansas City and the like, Negatives sauntered into life as an anti-poser power trio who enjo
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    Grotesque Miscreation

    [engl] Coming from the underlands of scorched minds and poisonous everything, FACELESS BURIAL have arrived to ruin you with 34 minutes of blast-surging, malformed death metal mayhem. Hyper-menacing. Grinding
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