• 01 Frances Farmer
    02 3953
    03 Dicken Kopp
    04 Lebenslang
    05 Macht
    06 Warum nicht?
    07 Apocalypse
    08 Hass
    09 Fozzy bleibt fahren
    10 Resident Mockery
    11 Die Treppe
    12 Die Antwort
    13 Ost und West
    14 Aktenzeichen


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    [engl] BRIGADE FOZZY was one of the early hardcore punk bands from the Westphalian Münsterland. They started in 1983 with a trashy kind of punk, which the "Maximum Rock'n'Roll Magazine" described as "enjoyable, old-fashioned punk with verve". The band played in various formations until 1989, learned their instruments well and changed their style into "good, driving hardcore with sharp drums and cutting guitar" (MRR). The band released two EPs on their own label "Punk Anderson Records" and played most of their shows in the nearby Netherlands. They also contributed a song to the legendary Dutch "Babylon Staying" sampler. In 1989 they released their last studio recording, the "Resident Mockery" tape, which praised the fanzine "Aardvark" as "crystal clear hardcore with critical lyrics".The LP features the band's complete studio recordings, including their 1984 DIY Lifelong Debut EP, the critically acclaimed 1986 "War War" EP and the 1989 "Resident Mockery" tape. The LP also includes two previously unreleased songs (Resident Mockery, Tea and Peace) from the recording session of 1984. The LP comes in a beautiful Inside Out cover plus a 16-page booklet with lyrics, band history and many pictures of bands, posters and flyers, As always with Brigade Fozzy: everything in black and white. Comes in grey vinyl. Limited to 300 copies One time pressing (100 copies black vinyl 100 copies grey vinyl, 100 copies white vinyl)

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    The LP's 1989- 1993

    [engl] Re-release on CD of their 3 first LPs, the split with Lunatic Invasion, Averno and "Suppose it was you"... Essential pieces of grind noise!!! I can confess that the early Agathocles recordings are my
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    North Of Hell

    [engl] The long awaited first full length from japan's goregrind institution BUTCHER ABC, 11 tracks of Putrid Gory Grinding Death Metal in the vein of old CARCASS material, really Down-tuned guitar sound
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    Eterno Treblinka

    [engl] The second full length, Killer Spanish grind in the old school vein full of pissed off riffs. Amazing artwork! A true testament to what grindcore should be. For Fans of Napalm Death, Terrorizer, and B
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    Plead Insanity

    Eine der rauesten und politisch aktivsten Hardcore-Punk-Bands der 80er Jahre aus Holland war NEUROOT aus Arnheim. Legendär ist das Lied "(Wir sind) Die Ratten vom Müll" von ihrer 7 " aus dem Jahr 19
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    [engl] 10 new tracks from swizz grind bastards number one and 6 awesome live tracks from Swarrrm
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    Tod & Wahnsinn

    [engl] The next milestone !! The classic of German hardcore / punk history was officially re-released for the first time. The first inferno longplayer "Tod & Wahnsinn" was in the eighties "the most important
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