• 01. ain´t no use
    02. life goes on
    03. good luv – gone south
    04. hey susanne
    05. coming back
    06. take a chance
    07. voices
    08. tuesdays girl
    09. no better
    10. trouble
    11. bored and young


    First Hits Free

    [engl] The long awaited First Hits Free by Tommy Ray! is not quite a Cry! record. But it is a solo album from The Cry!'s lead singer and primary songwriter. Musically, First Hits Free has more of the power pop feel of the first Cry! album vs. the glam-punk vibes of Dangerous Game. Even when he's writing about very serious subject matter (which he frequently does on this album), Ray has a knack for wrapping it all up in these irresistible pop hooks. First Hits Free is very much in The Cry!'s patented style of '70s power pop and punk by way of the timeless melodies of '60s rock and roll. But it definitely feels like a solo project. While rawer than both Cry! long players, this full-length debut from Tommy Ray! ought to delight anyone who loved those albums. Ray's style of singing and songwriting is instantly familiar, and if anything he has refined and grown his talents over the last six years.

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    Handful of Hits

    [engl] New album by Tommy Ray, once the front man in the band The Cry! Now solo artist who has spent his lock down time recording. The album was recorded and mixed by Ray mostly on his mac. "Street mix" beca

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    PDX Punx

    The Decayed! stammen aus Portland, Oregon und sind ein Nebenprojekt von Ray Nelsen, der bei der Power Pop Band THE CRY! aktiv ist. Sie spielen einen coolen Mix aus 80er UK Punk, Streetpunk und Wavepun
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    Paranoia Day By Day

    "Sweet Suburbia aus Sao Paulo/Brasilien spielen melodiösen Punkrock. Die Band war mir kein Begriff, aber dieses geile Cover hat mich einfach angelacht. Ich meine Riesen Robotor, Affe im Raumanzug und
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    KOB 82

    1982 in 2018

    Nach der "Propaganda pelo Ato" LP aus dem Jahre 2016, die auch nur in einer Kleinstauflage erschienen war, nun also der Nachfloger, in Form einer 10". Insgesamt 6 Lieder, davon 2 Coversongs von Uprigh
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    KOB 82

    Propaganda Pelo Ato

    KOB82 kommen aus Sao Paulo/Brasilien und spielen kraftvollen HC/Punk, in dem viel DISCHARGE steckt, aber auch Anleihen von schwedischen Bands wie ASTA KASK oder MOB47 oder eben auch klassischer Brasil
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