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    [engl] Hamburg strikes back! If you think, UK '77 style high energy punk rock doesn't fit together with raging high-octane power-violence/ thrash, here you got the counter evidence: Two - at first glance - absolutely different bands team up for the probably most unexpected split of the year! RAZORS, keeping the spirit alive since 1977, they're - without any doubt - one of the very first punk bands in Germany, and they still hit the pedal as far as it will go! Fasten seat belts, and get punched by their three songs of intense punk rock! YACØPSÆ, terrorizing the hardcore scene since 1990, and well-known for their short blasting eruptions, contribute two sludgy tracks of sheer fierceness and raw brutality! Putting two bands together with such different ways to express the term "punk rock" is a challenge, but on top they reach an impressively high level of pure energy and aggression, as you can hear on their live recordings. No effects, no overdubs - this is just the real deal! The CD contains from each band bonustracks. So don't miss it!

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    [engl] Depression with 4 new unreleased tracks of brutal groovy grindcore includes a coverversion from NAPALM DEATH, the flipside has two new Inhumate tracks in the vein of old Terrorizer, awesome stuff.
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    Into Dreadnought Fever

    [engl] Repress from the Second full lengh by this north-german Thrash flavoured Hardcore crew. This is a massive slap of power feat. the fromer singer of Kiel Hardcore legends BONEHOUSE. Lyrically quite a lo
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    No Grind For Old Men

    [engl] The CD contains 15 new Songs including a cover version of mighty Dahmer (can). The Songs were recorded and mastered in july/august 2014 in Hedgehog Studio by Gregor Indergand. Swiss quality audio-mole
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    [engl] Return of the swedish crustmongers!!!! 12 new tracks of traditional swedish d-beat crust. The band contains tons of famous musicians,like (Demonical, Crossing Chaos, Centinex, Regurgitate etc.) This i
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    Impact Jahre 1

    [engl] Another classic German punk / hardcore story. First released in 1994 on Impact Records, now released again for the first time, but as a double LP with bonus tracks. Did you hear "The 7th Sign" back th
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    Variante alla Morte

    [engl] Their fourth album recorded in Sweden contains 24 new fast and grindcore tracks, awesome qualitiy great riffing. The vinyl/gatefold LP version on POWER IT UP is limited to 1000 copies.
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