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    Pogo lebt Immer noch !!!!

    [engl] Second pressing limited to 200 copies in light blue Vinyl "German ultra-hardcore band from the early 80´s who released 2 killer demo tapes "Pogo Lebt" (1983) and "Last Attack" (1984) and the "Kopflos" 7" (1985). Scapegoats were well known worldwide from many compilation tapes, their "Kopflos" EP released in 85´and from the great german LP compilation "Let's have more Fun" back then. SCAPEGOATS the german answer to KAAOS, RATTUS, SVART FRAMTID, CRUDE SS and MOB 47. On this record you find the best tracks from both demo tapes and some unreleased bonus stuff. Also you get a bonus CD with even more tracks, an 8 page booklet, a 24" x 12" poster-insert plus OBI.
    LP + CD

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    When The Bombs Drop … 1982-86

    [engl] Over 70 Minutes raw Hardcorepunk the way it was in the early 80s. The discography from "German ultra-hardcore band SCAPEGOATS. The CD contains material from the complete bandperiod, like the unrelease

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    [engl] The new material is tighter recorded and more brutal than previous releases. The 16 tracks are fast, aggressive, heavy and with an overall catchiness. Mesrine using first time real lyrics.
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    Keine Hoffnung

    [engl] The LP "Wie lange Noch", a milestone in German punk/hardcore history. Rolls like a tank over the corpses of his listeners. No compromises, pure aggression, a powerhouse thrash, quite different from th
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    Hau ab

    Mut aus Flaschen" ( M.A.F.) eine weiterer Klassiker deutscher Hardcore / Punk-Geschichte, zum ersten Mal die komplette Diskographie auf Vinyl. Das Material ist ein raues, schnelles und trashiges Hardc
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    Obsessive Compulsive

    [engl] Long-running Canadian grindcore band Mesrine offers its fourth album of serial killer-obsessed grind. 41 tracks!!!
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    Impact Jahre 1

    [engl] Another classic German punk / hardcore story. First released in 1994 on Impact Records, now released again for the first time, but as a double LP with bonus tracks. Did you hear "The 7th Sign" back th
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    Not Just Another Anthology

    [engl] The double LP discography from Adelaide's finest Punk/Hardcore contains all their recordings from 7" later on as 12" pressed, the "How to Teach Your Budgie to Talk" LP, and several tracks from the
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