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    Old Dirty Grindcores

    [engl] ROT - The masterpiece of brazilian grindcoreThe "old dirty grindcores" contains the complete studio material recorded between 1991 and 2007. The material from CD 1 recorded between 1998 and 2007 include tracks from seven split 7" EP's, two split CD's and the titles from a split 10". Also 7 tracks unreleased bonus material. The second CD from this classic release contains the old material from the 1991 until 1997. You will find the tracks from five Split 7" EP's, from a split 10", three EP's and compilation tracks. All together 150 songs of raw grindcore. They perpetuate the great tradition of old school grind/hardcore like Siege/ old Napalm Death/ old Agathocles without any compromise. These guys sure can grind. Go and get these fucking awesome double CD!!! Limited quantities with embroided patch first 100 copies

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    [engl] Already released 10 years ago as part of a split CD (with Paganizer), the DEPRESSION part comes now out on vinyl. "Unbelief" reminds me of old material from PUNGENT STENCH, DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, CARC
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    North Of Hell

    [engl] The long awaited first full length from japan's goregrind institution BUTCHER ABC, 11 tracks of Putrid Gory Grinding Death Metal in the vein of old CARCASS material, really Down-tuned guitar sound
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    Code Black

    [engl] REHASHED is a Canadian Thrashcore band from Saskatoon. With a myriad of experience in the Saskatoon underground music scene under their belts (ex-DFA, ex-The Decline, ex-Strike Force, Cashed, Poser Di
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    [engl] 8 songs by AGATHOCLES feat. Joe from ARCHAGATHUS! Listen to this very special collaboration and hear Agathocles in ways you've never heard before. EMBALMING THEATER with 11 new and exclusive attac
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    Impact Jahre 1

    [engl] Another classic German punk / hardcore story. First released in 1994 on Impact Records, now released again for the first time, but as a double LP with bonus tracks. Did you hear "The 7th Sign" back th
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    Variante alla Morte

    [engl] Their fourth album recorded in Sweden contains 24 new fast and grindcore tracks, awesome qualitiy great riffing. The vinyl/gatefold LP version on POWER IT UP is limited to 1000 copies.
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