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    [engl] New songs from the Lidköping crust/hardcore unit known as M:40. The band started back in 2002 over a totally improvised recording. Their second fullength, Historiens svarta vingslag, was released as CD in 2007 on Halvfabrikat Records. Since then the world has not quite been the same. A long time, bands such as Disfear, Tragedy and Totalt jävla mörker led the way of crust/punk entirely. As the summer of 2012 approaches, the tables will turn. M:40 are back with their third fullength, titled "Diagnos". Diagnos does not only gives us the brutal side of Disfear, the raw side of Tragedy, or even the fierce side of Totalt jävla mörker. Diagnos also proves that crustpunk can infact be diverse; in contrary to the before mentioned. Imagine yourself arriving at the barren no-man's land, with no way back to safety; warmth, love or affection. This is the soundtrack to that exact moment. The vinyl edition comes in a nice gatefold sleeve with massive information.

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    Split Live

    [engl] Bristol Punk Pioneers DISORDER formed around 1980, Disorder is one of the few 'big' names of UK hardcore still going strong today. The LP contains their live recordings from the Sneek Festival
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    [engl] One of the few German punk classics that has not been reprinted yet is the MANIACS / TIN CAN ARMY Split LP. MANIACS was a hardcore punk band that born in the summer of 1982 in Rotenburg from a few loc
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    When Worlds Collide

    [engl] If you are going to begin checking out what grindcore has to offer at this time , EXHALE's newest album When Worlds Collide is a great place to start. The album is fast and heavy with well-crafte
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    [engl] Return of the swedish crustmongers!!!! 12 new tracks of traditional swedish d-beat crust. The band contains tons of famous musicians,like (Demonical, Crossing Chaos, Centinex, Regurgitate etc.) This i
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    Emetic Cult

    [engl] Haemorrhage's debut album for first time on Picture-LP with new gory design und remastered sound. Strictly limited to 500 copies packed on extra LP Picture-Cover!!
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    Plead Insanity

    Eine der rauesten und politisch aktivsten Hardcore-Punk-Bands der 80er Jahre aus Holland war NEUROOT aus Arnheim. Legendär ist das Lied "(Wir sind) Die Ratten vom Müll" von ihrer 7 " aus dem Jahr 19
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