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    Non Compus Mentis

    [engl] Most people think grindcore is just noise and nothing more than that. Think that they have no idea what DEATHBOUND is about..Death, insanity, violence & hatred are a couple of words to describe this piece of murderous art! Ear shredding guitar riffs, bass that sounds like a bulldozer and of course a hell of blast beats and machine-gun-like toms… these guys also active in Rotten Sound and The Duskfall. Everything sounds excellent like the professional productions of the "big" names like Carcass, Napalm Death, Nasum, Brutal Truth etc. so nobody will be disappointed from the sound.Limited edition of 300 copies.

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    We Deserve You Much

    [engl] We Deserve Much Worse, a third full-length album from Finnish extreme grinders DEATHBOUND now first time on vinyl. 20 tracks ( inc. 2 vinyl bonustracks) of really strong and powerfull grind attacks. E

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    No Grind For Old Men

    [engl] The CD contains 15 new Songs including a cover version of mighty Dahmer (can). The Songs were recorded and mastered in july/august 2014 in Hedgehog Studio by Gregor Indergand. Swiss quality audio-mole
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    The Price of Progress/ Reflections

    [engl] The first part from the Vicious Circle Discography contains their first two LP's. The first LP "The Price of Progress" original got released in 1985 on Reactor Records and features 15 tracks of f
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    Plead Insanity

    Eine der rauesten und politisch aktivsten Hardcore-Punk-Bands der 80er Jahre aus Holland war NEUROOT aus Arnheim. Legendär ist das Lied "(Wir sind) Die Ratten vom Müll" von ihrer 7 " aus dem Jahr 19
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    Lead Us To War

    [engl] During the existence of F.U.B.A.R. (more than ten years) I heard them several times, both on CD and live. Despite the anger and energy it wasn’t really my band due to the fact it was just full throt
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    Demo '88

    [engl] The first Disrupt Demo finaly on vinyl, four raw tracks recorded in their rehearsal room end of 1988. First pressing only available as bonus via the Disrupt Tribute double LP.
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    Extra Nitad

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