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    Durty bunny

    WHY CRO(W)S? Chris Wollard(Hot Water Music) and Bill Clower(radon),living together at the time, wanted to start a band. After an unsuccessful attempt to turn Rumbleseat into a rock-n-roll band, they formed The SHERYL CRO(W)MAGS in early 2000. Along the way they started a label, released 1 single and toured with Unitas up the East coast. Now with their debut full-length, and a slight name-change, they are ready to blow your heads off. Adding in the greatness of Kaleb Stewart(As Friends Rust) and James Ross(also of Radon) was a wise move to round out this ''buddy band'' quartet. That aside, it's impossible to ignore the presence of Chris Wollard of Hot Water Music. Bringing his trademark whisky, brutally heartfelt voice and the lyrical style so cherished by Hot Water's fans, Durty Bunny is strikingly similar to older Hot Water Music material, a sound greatly missed by some of their fans. But it isn't a Hot Water Music CD. Cro(w)s have their own sound, which is especially present on `There's Nothing Wrong,' and `#1 Hit.' Fans of the earlier, rawer sound of HWM will definitely appreciate this dark and powerful band. LP have 1unreleased bonussong.
    LP 180gr

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