• 01. Silver Machine
    02. Was Warst Du
    03. Baby Alone In Babylone/Japanese Double Suicide
    04. Delirium



    [engl] Abstract Nympho is a dream-noise outfit from Berlin consisting of Rahel Preisser (Vocals/Trumpet/Noise-interventions) and Ghazi Barakat aka Pharoah Chromium (Rauschpfeif /Electric Wind Instrument). Abstract Nympho was formed spontaneously on the occasion of a Pharoah Chromium gig at the Haperende Mens festival in Rotterdam in January 2018. At first using a poem by the Berlin poet Scardanelli (who also happens to be Rahel’s father) over improvised layers of noise and psychedelia, the pair’s sound quickly evolved into unusual live interpretations of songs by Jane Birkin and Hawkwind and free form improvisations on electronics, trumpet, rauschpfeife and vocals. After playing a series of shows in small underground venues in Berlin and a legendary performance in Jean Tinguely’s Cyclop sculpture in the woods of Milly-la-Forêt they decided to shape and record their live performances into a more structured song format. The result was heard by Christian Iffland, owner of the record store Static Record and its adjacent label Static Age, who offered to release the four tracks as an EP. Using wind instruments, synths, feedbacks, an electronic tempura and the skills of Gordon W. on tablas to achieve their vision of an almost beat-free, at times dreamy, at others somber mixture of experimental pop and spoken word.

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