• 01. Only The Bad Remains
    02. Sunday Morning
    03. Unseen Love
    04. Hit Man
    05. Vivid Storyteller
    06. Women On Drugs
    07. Let The Kids Live
    08. Animal Blood
    09. Bye Bye
    10. Ladders To The Sky
    11. Turkey
    12. The Food's No Good


    Bad Men In The Grave

    [engl] Get your ears around this stunner, second album by our beloved canadian troubadour Buck Hildebrand and his basement rats. Running away from life, hiding from starving polar bears, the opener "Only The Bad Remains" settles in to the groove immediately, pack you on a Winnipeg monochrome winter night dog sled ride until almost imperceptibly ratcheting up the intensity towards a cave where they pull off a garage punk mammoth awakeners like "Animal Blood" and "Unseen Love". "Bad Men In The Grave" has resonances of hatred failure and charming turns in dazzling daylight and truly exceeds the Primitive Hands past works. Considering their three singles from a decade ago, these recordings are the most expansive, career spanning release and maybe the first *real* album. This was self recorded by the band, respectively J.Quakenbusch and M.Blackburn.Chiming fuzz-drenched guitar folk songs like wonderful sonorous "The Food´s No Good", "Turkey" and barren "Vivid Storyteller" are the psych-rock preacher counterpart of the blues gospel of BEATMAN, the outlawed COWBOYS rock and roll. Third release on ALIEN SNATCH! after sonic force debut LP in 2017,nearly crashing of its own sheer weight of sonic force and some sticky melodic washes of Berlin streets, which turned into the "Heartless Man" 45 in 2018. Brian Hildebrand plays on the claviature of melancholy and rage in bands like DEMON'S CLAWS, MIND CONTROLS and GENITAL HOSPITAL and toured many times around the globe. Rootsy, black/white ink artwork by Darren Merinuk, printed on reverse side stunning ultra heavy cardboard stock. Third time there is limited edition on golden wax! Meet at the bar.
    EAN 4260119 670952

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