• 01. Summer Of '68
    02. Killing Time
    03. Apple Song
    04. Odds'n'Ends
    05. Dream School
    06. Hot Air
    07. Friday Night
    08. Beat You Good
    09. Tarantula
    10. Let It Go



    [engl] With a blowout facing no service the next two days. Totally stripped down, early 70´s rock in the ridiculously enough tiny parking lot between NATURAL CHILD and ROLLING STONES. In a matter of course, it´s the perfect album to live the moment of now. How much mototard smoke can you take at the station? Ten songs, all dry as the atacama desert, no fuzz, no thrills, no cocktail umbrellas and of course no buttons at the jacket. You just want to get time-trapped in this perpetual motion BIKES groove. Since years the berliners say the BIKES are a nuke. Forbidden to take off, stone cold outside. Everyone is partying hard their secret hidden powers and their proximity of short-lived stardom and armageddon. So, this s/t album # III and third release on ALIEN SNATCH! REC
    EAN 4260119670938

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    [engl] "Imagine a party on Doctor Moreau's island where the dance band is made up of four giant chain- wielding, beer guzzling, leather-clad parrots... suddenly, out of nowhere, Keith Richards shows up h
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    Two Mice / P.P.O.D.

    [engl] New BIKES 45 (aka SNATCH!072) with two exclusive a-sides out just in time for their tour starting tonight!! The Berlin street zoo of garage birds has two main attractions being worth your nuts: It´s

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    Ransom Notes and Telephone Calls

    Bonustrack CD-Re-Issue mit den Songs der Zaxxon 7"! * Geiler Scheiß Teil 2. Die neue Band um die Ex-Highschool Rockers Members mischen den Garagen-Markt auf. Nehmt den rauhen Garage-Punk von Teengene
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    Can Do Easy

    Den selbst nachgesagten Tom Petty-Einfluss schaffen die fünf Jungs aus Castle Mountain/Kanada gut hinter straighten Rock-Gitarren Sounds mit Garagen-Charme, Folk-Einschlag und einem kalten Lächeln z
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    [engl] ALVILDA are Nina, Eva, Sandra and Melanie and is the best power pop inconnue! Four ALIEN SNATCH! pandemic pop pearls parisiennes! Seems the four gals starring the SHANGRI LAS on "Leader of the Pack",

    Would you rather...?

    Neues Lebenszeichen und zugleich der Debüt-Longplayer der Thüringer, auf dem sie ihren Weg weg vom Noise und rein in die Garage konsequent und ziemlich schmissig fortsetzen. Die Jungs schlagen einen
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    A sweet mama gonna hoodoo me

    [engl] Hiding in the night-shrouded lagoons of Venice, the MOJOMATICS, in person MojoMatt (voc, guitar, harp) and DavMatic (drums, percussion), take up your love with taut sails and undeniable spirit of yout
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    Don´t Preted That You Know Me

    ''Tu nicht so, als würdest du mich kennen!'' - einen passenderen Albumtitel hätten sich Matt und Davide von den MOJOMATICS nicht ausdenken können, denn wer nach den beiden ersten Pl
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