• 01. Nur Für Die Nacht
    02. Holt Mich Hier Raus
    03. Der Weg
    04. Kein Kriegsheld
    05. Bleib Mir Vom Leib
    06. Nass Bis Auf Die Haut
    07. Winter Im Feld
    08. Wie Ein Stein
    09. Der Wind
    10. Stars Und Helden
    11. Softsong (Live 1984)


    Das zauberhafte Land

    [engl] The debut album of Die Zinnförster was released in 1983 as a limited-edition edition demo cassette for concert organisers. Unfortunately, the original line-up had already split up at the beginning of 1984, so there was no commercial release of the material. Some of the songs were released in 1995 on a CD-R sampler entitled "Das Beste von Stars und Helden" (The Best of Stars and Heroes) in a small, hand-made edition exclusively for friends, family and fans. This is the first release of "Das zauberhafte Land" on vinyl, just in time for its 35th anniversary, and newly transferred, restored and remastered from the original master tapes. A rarity was chosen as a bonus track: "Softsong" was the working title of a new and still unfinished track, in which singer Gerald, contrary to the norm, played an additional bass on stage. It had its live premiere at the last gig of the original Zinnförster line-up in January 1984. (from the album's liner notes)
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