• 01. I'm Laughing
    02. Looking For Red Lights
    03. Just One Mistake
    04. Too Many Lies
    05. Everyday
    06. Red Is The Blade
    07. Freak
    08. Disease
    09. Black
    10. Progress Where?
    11. Open Your Eyes
    12. Big Problems
    13. Nothing For You
    14. Deserve To Die
    15. Life Of Pain
    16. Blood Runs Red
    17. The Last Hour
    18. Right To Fight
    19. Do We Have A Future
    20. Degeneration
    21. Change
    22. Youth Today
    23. Mass Destuction
    24. Isn't it a pity
    25. New Anarchy
    26. Loves Not Enough
    27. Knife Attack


    Not Just Another Anthology

    [engl] The double LP discography from Adelaide's finest Punk/Hardcore contains all their recordings from 7" later on as 12" pressed, the "How to Teach Your Budgie to Talk" LP, and several tracks from the "A Positive Alternative To torture" Tape. The first LP includes the material from their "How to Teach Your Budgie to Talk" LP recorded in june 1985, the 12 tracks sounds like a bit catchy brit punk style. The 2nd LP has the tracks from the tracks from the "A Positive Alternative To torture" Tape which is recorded in 1983, the songs from the "Intoxicated" 7" EP recorded in 1984 and first time the tracks from the "A Positive Alternative To torture" Tape recorded in '83 on vinyl. This Discography contains also the tracks from their split LP with Vicious Circle which comes out for their US tour in 1985. The tracks from the split LP are marked. The double LP contains a 16 page full color booklet with massive picture, lyrics posters and liner notes. The first pressing comes in transparent yellow vinyl!!

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