• 01. Experimento (Experiment)
    02. Recuerdos De Un Amigo Ruso (Memories Of A Russian Friend)
    03. Reflexiones Heladas (Icy Reflexions)
    04. Onda Suave (Mild Wave)
    05. Primavera Amarilla (Yellow Spring)
    06. Arrivederci
    07. Jodi-Ritmo (Jodi Rytmus)
    08. Imagen En Rojo (Red Image)
    09. Sueño De La Catedral (Cathedral Dream)
    10. Fantasmas Del Sonido (Sound Fantasm)
    11. Canción Cariñosa (Loving Song)
    12. Espíritu Fosforecente (Glowing Spirit)


    Pops De Vanguardia

    [engl] The best lo-fi garage album from South America? Ahead of its time raw & homemade Sixties garage, jangly pop and basement psych sounds from Paraguay! Originally released in 1971 as a private pressing, “Pops de Vanguardia” by JODI contains tracks mostly written and recorded in 1969 (with some dating back to 1966) by brothers Joern and Dirk Wenger at their homemade “Jodi Experimental Studio” in Paraguay. Joern and Dirk, born in Paraguay but of German origin, started playing in beat / psychedelic band The Rabbits, who released a very rare EP in 1969. After the group split, Joern and Dirk travelled to Germany, were they studied arts and received musical lessons from none other than Stockhausen. The two brothers had built their own homemade studio and they spent hours and hours recording songs and experimenting to create their own sound effects (echo, reverb, etc). They called their music “Spontaneous Pop”. “Pops De Vanguardia” was recorded at their own rudimentary studio with two tape recorders. Joern plays guitar, organ and he was the lead vocalist, while Dirk plays drums and percussions. From ultra-catchy garage-pop to killer instrumental Farfisa numbers and proto-psychedelic sounds. JODI could be seen as precursors of the indie-pop and lo-fi garage which would appear some decades later.
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