• 01. Blue Car
    02. Wrong Direction
    03. Greetings From Rostock
    04. Jailbreak
    05. Harem Cafe
    06. No Time
    07. Basketball
    08. NWAF
    09. What Do You Know About Tantric Sex?
    10. Parrot Colony
    11. Best Friend Joe
    12. P.P.O.D.



    [engl] "Imagine a party on Doctor Moreau's island where the dance band is made up of four giant chain- wielding, beer guzzling, leather-clad parrots... suddenly, out of nowhere, Keith Richards shows up high on his father's ashes and joins them for an encore. After hard touring around the globe, Berlin thug-rockers BIKES finally found the time to lock themselves into their East-Berlin rehearsal space and record their next album, tactically avoiding the sophomore slump. We're more than honoured to bring you their new, and yet their best effort! It's chock full of hits, equally influenced by both kinds: Rock AND Roll, guaranteed to move your bones! Songs about bars, being locked up behind bars, motorcycles – things you can relate to! Steady, no-bullshit caveman drumming! Vicious bass! Thuggish guitars with some wild monstro/mongo Chuck Berry riffs thrown in! That's right! No wimpy shit here! The return of pub-rock? Maybe? I hear they drink beer for breakfast! Record comes housed in great John Pasche inspired artwork made by the band!

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    [engl] With a blowout facing no service the next two days. Totally stripped down, early 70´s rock in the ridiculously enough tiny parking lot between NATURAL CHILD and ROLLING STONES. In a matter of course,
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    Two Mice / P.P.O.D.

    [engl] New BIKES 45 (aka SNATCH!072) with two exclusive a-sides out just in time for their tour starting tonight!! The Berlin street zoo of garage birds has two main attractions being worth your nuts: It´s

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    Last Bullet Blues

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    Murder suicide

    Yeah, the punkiest piece this summer out now ! Portland?s Heros with their newest ''killer theme'' Album, quite a new step in their history ! If you know their HOT ''I?m a kid&
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    Anxious Times

    Vier schicke Power Pop-Punk Tracks im aufpolierten oldschool Gewand, die sich anschmiegen wie selten. Die bislang großzügig gepflegte Weirdness weicht zumindest stückweise einprägsameren, hübsche
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    Hay Fever

    [engl] To cast our modern KNACK, we had to shovel snow for a year to dig out this four dudes in arctica. Borrow some SATOR rock guitars, make them pick up their bus ticket of Impo & the Tents to pop cul-de-s
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    Bad Men In The Grave

    [engl] Get your ears around this stunner, second album by our beloved canadian troubadour Buck Hildebrand and his basement rats. Running away from life, hiding from starving polar bears, the opener "Only The

    Would you rather...?

    Neues Lebenszeichen und zugleich der Debüt-Longplayer der Thüringer, auf dem sie ihren Weg weg vom Noise und rein in die Garage konsequent und ziemlich schmissig fortsetzen. Die Jungs schlagen einen
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