• 01. I want to laugh
    02. What's your name
    03. Mister Harris
    04. I am blind
    05. Every Sunday
    06. Oh baby now I love you
    07. Come here to dance
    08. I'm getting free
    09. There is a woman
    10. I'm being mad



    [engl] We are very excited to present what it's for us the major discovery in the Spanish Psych- Prog collector scene: a previously unreleased album from 1970 by this obscure Spanish garage- psych band. Until now, Shock were a total mystery. They only released one 45 back at the time (the killer acid- fuzz punker ''No se puede ser Superman'') and nothing was known about the band...until we tracked them down. We discovered that prior to their 45 release, they recorded a whole album which was never released. Shock's music is underground garage- psychedelia with crude acid- fuzz guitar, effects, English vocals...think of Agua de Regaliz, early Pan & Regaliz, Cerebrum or even obscure Brazilian bands such as Tobruk but with a more primitive sound. The album features ten songs including the original versions of the two tracks later re- recorded for their only 45: ''No se puede ser Superman'' (titled here ''I'm being mad'', it's a different and superior English sung version) and ''I want to laugh'' (a longer version than the one included on the 45). Remastered from the original 2- track tape (which is unfortunately not in perfect condition, but more than good enough), insert with detailed liner notes in English / Spanish, 180gr vinyl. CD comes with colour booklet.

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