• 01. Systematisierung
    02. Irgendwie Doch Anders
    03. Error
    04. Fever
    05. Illusion
    06. Unjust Prevail
    07. Valueless
    08. Destruktiv



    [engl] this album is not to be taken lightly. Underestimate its power, approach it with inadeguate preparation, and you will be fucking destroyed by its immeasurable violence and sheer tonnage. SVFFER have brought to you a work of incendiary aggression that literally feeds off of violence. Comparable in intensity to bands like Alpinist (from which the band descends), Baptists, Tempest, Centuries, Oathbreaker, Glasses, Vestiges, Torch Runner and the such, SVFFER are authors of metallic and embittered hardcore punk which knows no boundaries or limits in its reach to annihilate the listener, and which presents us with a boundless hunger to reduce to ash anything which dares to stand in their path. Coming once again as a 12? vinyl LP from Vendetta Records, this monstrous hardcore punk album is destined to set a new bar in sonic violence and redefine the concept of aggression in aural form.
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    [engl] SVFFER from Münster and Bielefeld in the west of Germany, feat. members of UNREST and ALPINIST.Playing blackened hardcore with grindparts. Heavy, headbangable parts mixed with fast and loud powerviol

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