• 01. So Much To Talk About (Tudo Bem)
    02. Come My Way
    03. Love Slave
    04. Funking Long
    05. S.P.F.
    06. One Man At A Time
    07. Something To Make You Move
    08. Somebody Bigger Than You And I
    09. Universal Funk


    So Much To Talk About

    [engl] Ooouh yeah, this is an easy one. The group comes from Brazil, the album has been originally released in 1978 at a preliminary height of the disco movement, there is a beautiful black woman surrounded by a shiny atmosphere and with a fluffy white afro wig on her head smiling at you from the cover. You can imagine that this is hot blooded, steamy disco funk with slick production, striking, yet gentle lead vocal lines, whipping brass arrangements and a mood of nothing but pure joy. The whole experience is rather polished and aims at a typical disco audience but all participating musicians are top players and they interact so tightly that the result is an irresistible permanent groove that will capture your soul and leaves you breathless on the dancefloor when the record is over. The arrangements are complex and thick with layers shifted upon layers of all kinds of instruments like electric piano, synthesizers, brass instruments, sexy wah wah guitars. The funk influence from the early years is still present when this music was performed and even lived in dirty backstreet clubs in some suspicious parts of the big US cities. This album heats you up with an extra dose of physical energy and a sexualizing swing that originates from the band’s Brazilian pedigree. Even the more moderate ballads will tickle your senses with a highly captivating feeling for simmering grooves and soft arrangements that are like a musical canopy bed with a beautiful nude lady waiting for you. Well, you see, I get utterly sexualized by this sweet soul music and all the hot funk eruptions here despite or maybe even because the lush and slick sound. If you love this aspect of black music from the 70s with an extra Latin touch, this is yours and will stay forever. For fans of Donna Summer, AIR, WAR and THE TEMPTATIONS.
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